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 What We Do

  • Help improve the quality of life for seniors in our community

  • Make communities accessible for seniors and for everyone

  • Help change attitudes and increase awareness of seniors issues

  • Advocate on behalf of Older Adults and Seniors

  • Support bringing together different cultures in the spirit of volunteering.

We work in particular with businesses and organizations in our community to help them realize the value of being Senior Friendly.  For businesses it is not only being a good corporate citizen but it makes good business sense.  Call Senior Friendly Sudbury at 705-507-6037 for more information.  Many Sudbury businesses and organizations have already done so.  Your business could soon be displaying the Senior Friendly Symbol showing customers and clients that you are truly "friendly to seniors". Senior Friendly.

We represent Older Adults and Seniors on issues important to their well being and promote better living in our community for all ages. 

Some areas of Concern we have addressed 

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Patient Care and End of Life concerns and material click here

Concerns about large casino for Sudbury click here

Local Roads issues and other civic matters click here

Opinions Videos click here

Challenges of Aging report here




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