Icy Sidewalk Concerns

Seniors (and others) are victims of icy and snow covered sidewalks every winter.  It is difficult to keep all walkways clear at all times and individuals have a responsibility to protect themselves.


What can be done?  A solution is to wear footwear that can reduce the possibility of falling and also to use any aids that can provide stability in slippery conditions. Falls can result in broken bones, head injuries and more .. better to be safe than sorry

This is a winter boot (actually an old boot) that has been "fitted" with a slip on spikes (available at Costco) note the spikes which actually "dig" into ice.  The slip on's have been permantly fixed to the boot with small screws to keep them from slipping off.  Another pair of shoes is carried along for use indoors - the boots should not be used indoors as they can slip on regular floors.

The other "partner" to prevent slips and falls is a cane with the option to convert to a device with "spikes" .. The combination of the "special" footwear and the can provides stability expecially if if the sidewalks have not been cleared and extra "support" is needed.  Always best to be prepared for any eventuality. These walking canes are available at most drug stores.