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Friendly to Seniors - Sudbury

Challenges of Aging Project

New Horizons Program Grant (Human Resources and Social Development Canada)

 The final project report was presented to the City of Greater Sudbury priorities council meeting on March 4th 2009.  TV News report below - also audio report*

In 2007 and 2008 Older Adults and Senior Citizens of Greater Sudbury had the opportunity to express their concerns about the "Challenges of Aging" and the various problems facing our aging population in the areas of; Health Care, Transportation, Housing, Taxation, Recreation, Communication, Security etc.  The final print summary report is presented below in "page turning" format  - just "click on" to read directly.  A complete PDF copy of the report and listing of appendix items is also accessible from this page.  In addition a complete CD version of the report with power point presentations etc. will be available on request. E-mail Friendly to Seniors Chairperson John Lindsay at  info@friendlytoseniors.ca. or call 705-507-6037.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and will be recorded for future reports.  Follow up studies have validated our findings and the concerns expressed.  

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*For audio recording of John Lindsay's presentation to City Council please click here



Complete copy of the Challenges of Aging report is available in PDF format by clicking here

Appendix items - PDF format

A: Retirement Home Plans

B: Manufactured Home

C: Summary Oracle Telephone Survey

D: Statistical Report of Telephone Survey

E: Social Planning Council Report

F: Seniors Housing Overview

G: Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Plan

H: Ontario Property Tax Grant

I:  Long Term Care/Assisted Living Issues

J: Media Releases/Articles etc. related to Seniors Issues

K: Marketing Materials etc.

L: Proposed Community Information Guide

M:  Friendly to Seniors Assessment and Awareness Material


Note:  Additional Material - Audio Video Files etc. are contained in the Challenges of Aging CD available on request - send an e-mail to:  info@friendlytoseniors.ca or call 705-507-6087. 

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