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Friendly to Seniors - Sudbury - Becoming Involved in Advocacy

Friendly to Seniors - Sudbury is dedicated to represent and advocate on behalf of our growing older adult population and welcome your involvement to make our community "senior friendly"

Some areas of Concern we have addressed 

Long Term Care and other health issues click here

Patient Care and End of Life concerns and material click here

Concerns about large casino for Sudbury click here

Local Roads issues and other civic matters click here

Opinions Videos click here

Challenges of Aging report here

Friendly to Seniors - Sudbury continues on request to conduct evaluations and assessments of local business and other organizations.

Business and organizations contribute for the assessment process of the Friendly to Seniors program and can arrange to have staff take Friendly to Seniors Training at modest cost.  Listed below are some of the businesses and organizations that have been involved since the Senior Friendly Sudbury program began in Sudbury.  These organizations have  indicated they were interested in providing accessible facilities that are safe, convenient and comfortable.  They attempt to offer customers clear communication and excellent service that is courteous and unrushed.   They respect seniors and their many contributions by listening actively, asking open questions without making assumptions and inviting seniors' input and participation. 

  • Azilda Public Library
  • Bank of Nova Scotia - Lorne Street Branch
  • Bank of Nova Scotia - Durham Street Branch
  • CCRA
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Capreol Citizen Service Centre/Public Library
  • Chelmsford Citizen Service Centre/Public Library
  • Coniston Public Library
  • Copper Cliff Public Library
  • Dowling Citizen Service Centre/Public Library
  • Garson Citizen Service Centre/Public Library
  • Greater Sudbury Hydro Plus
  • Levack Public Library
  • Lively Citizen Service Centre/Public Library
  • Main Library - Downtown Sudbury
  • NorthRidge Savings and Credit Union - New Sudbury (Lasalle)
  • NorthRidge Savings and Credit Union - Minnow Lake (Second Avenue)
  • South Public Library - Regent Street
  • Valley East Citizen Service Centre/Public Library
  • Tony V's Restaurant
  • City of Lakes Clinic - Pioneer Manor

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Program Information and Material for government departments or public agencies wishing to develop similar programs or age related programs:

Appraisal Form

Awarness Guide - English

Awarness Guide - French

Power Point One

Power Point Two


Sample Letter