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Opinions - Looking at Older Adult Issues

With our old adult and seniors population ever growing this forum on behalf of older adults (and other citizens) was created by Friendly to Seniors through a series of half hour "programs" featuring various topics and special guests.  Your comments are welcome and can be addressed to  The listing of programs to date is provided below.  Thank you for your interest and remember if you have a topic you would like discussed let us know.

Chair of Friendly to Seniors Sudbury and Vice-President of the local Chapter of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) John Lindsay speaks out in a series of three videos related to matters of community concerns.  
The first video recorded this week deals with the lastest devlopments concerning downtown development and parking, legacy projects including casino and Maley Drive.  

The second video discusses the future of Sudbury, proposed developments, the current economic situation - growth or no-growth scenarios  costs vs revenues,  the arts scene etc. 

The third short video reveals the cost of a new arena wherever built - the cost of borrowing - a possible alternative.

For those who have time the final video was recorded at the studios of CKLU - an appearance with radio host Lionel Rudd in which many issues were discussed. 
Disclaimer:  my remarks are based on surveys and input from many seniors, however we do not pretend to represent all older adults and seniors or other citizens.   
A recent comment received from a viewer of the most recent video, but has reference to material covered in the others, which I think has considerable merit and from which I quote below: 
"Enjoyed the presentation John.   It will give anyone who watches it an opportunity to rethink their positions on the issues you mentioned.  I think we need to think in terms of generalized statements such as wants vs needs that you have already mentioned.  We need to use similar statements as general guidelines for our policy going forward at the level of council.   One that I proposed was - no new infrastructure until we reach capacity on present infrastructure.  That would do away with Maley Drive at least in its present form.  Connected to that would be - If we cannot afford to effectively maintain what we have do not build more.  This would act as a break on overenthusiastic traffic department and others among city staff.  Another statement would be - Do not plan for future growth without compelling evidence that it will occur. This one would put our council in touch with the real world and guard against wishful thinking.  An important one in the confusing morass that amalgamation has created would be - Do not be intimidated by staffs’ knowledge.  Judge them by their past results.  It is part of the record.  Tell staff what citizens require and judge them by their results.  That way the dog is waving the tail and not the other way around. Amalgamation has given staff too much power.  Council should also be aware of this fact - The Amalgamated City is not a city but a region in drag.  This means there are not enough councilors to effectively represent all the diverse needs of this huge region let alone understand the needs.  Many citizens are beginning to wake up to this fact.  The council has to do an unbiased study of the impact the present model is having on decision making and service delivery.  They also need to determine has it lived up to its original promises.  Then they have to pressure the Ontario government to allow for de-amalgamation and a return to a more rational system resembling what he had before.  
There are more of these that I could add these are just a few examples but I believe council has to be armed with some sort of roadmap to deal with a staff that seems to have only their own interest at heart - keep enough on the go to keep us busy and thus safe from layoffs.  Also, they help keep council in touch with the reality of Greater Sudbury today and guard against 'chamber of commerce idiot boosterism'.
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Past Opinions Videos:

Opinions #1 090114

Guest Vally Laflamme joins host John Lindsay discussing "opinions" and the upcoming municipal election.  Also downtown business closings, snow clearing, transit options and other topics .. 30 minutes

Opinions #2 100214

Guest and Friendly to Seniors vice-chair Normand Gauthier joins host John Lindsay discussing outlying vs central Sudbury concerns, local politics and heath and housing issues...30 minutes

Opinions #3 260314

Guest Lionel Rudd joins host John Lindsay discussing hospital care and other issues.  Also local govt. scene and upcoming elections etc.

Opinions #4 060314

Guest Dr. Peter Zalan joins host John Lindsay to discuss end of life issues - Below are links to some of the subjects discussed in the video. 

Opinions #5 050215

Guest Thomas Price joins host John Lindsay to discuss Maley Drive Extension project and presents his concerns in this hour long presentation. 

Opinions #6 160315

Guest Dr. David Robinson, Economics professor at Laurentian University joins host John Lindsay to discuss Maley Drive Extension project and other concerns such as railway relocation and other municipal concerns.

Opinions #7 230916

John Lindsay interviewed by Lionel Rudd on CKLU Radio Sept 2016 click here

Opinions #8 240617

John Lindsay speaks on Council Expenditures - Bold or Cautious


Please access a very informative website on hospice care:


The presentations from the Sudbury End of Life forums are uploaded onto You Tube. Please see link below.


 Dr. Donald Low’s video presentation on Dying with Dignity is also uploaded onto YouTube. Please see the link below: