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Welcome to Friendly to Seniors - Sudbury

Our population is aging, and doing so rapidly. By the year 2020 the senior population, people over the age of 65, will double in the City of Greater Sudbury.  Already those over the age of 50 make up a significant segment of our city's citizens.  As a result of this large population shift a new approach to aging is needed, one that promotes the dignity and worth of older persons and ensures their independence, security, full participation and self-fulfillment.  It is the goal of Friendly to Seniors to help achieve these objectives.

Benefits of being a Friendly to Seniors Community

When you make a community Friendly to Seniors you improve the quality of life for all residents.  Organizations and businesses that pay attention to the needs of seniors provide accessible facilities that are safe, convenient and comfortable not only for seniors but for everyone they serve.  Clear communication and excellent service are two other by-products of being Senior Friendly.  Friendly to Seniors - Sudbury is dedicated to reducing ageism and age related discrimination by helping to make our community one of the most Friendly to Seniors in Ontario

Some advocacy areas of Concern we have addressed 

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Is your Business or Organization Friendly to Seniors?

To find out more about the Friendly to Seniors program and advocacy activities please contact us directly at 705-507-6037 


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